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DBS is an established provider of complete cafeteria and back-office solutions for school districts in the northeastern United States. We work with strategic partners to deliver turnkey solutions – hardware, software and service. In addition to our proven POS solutions, DBS now offers products that are designed to enhance school security.

Café Enterprise

This server-based, Windows® point-of-sale (POS) solution automates sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, and State Claim form preparation. It is intended for school districts that have high-speed connectivity between facilities. More...

Café Terminal

Designed for school districts without high-speed connectivity, Café Terminal quickly processes cafeteria sales, tracks all meals and items sold, generates a variety of reports, and provides a file for automatic payroll/account deductions of charged activity. More...

Café Central

Café Central software is designed to manage an organization's multiple Point-Of-Sale (POS) sites from a central location. With Café Terminal systems at sales sites, Café Central gives the user the ability to call sales sites for data retrieval periodically and to maintain the Café Terminal databases. More...

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