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The Flexible, Complete POS Solution

With 20,000 installations worldwide, POSitouch software has provided advanced, robust solutions for table service restaurants for two decades. From national chains to independent operators, restaurants depend upon POSitouch as a core solution to run their businesses.

POSitouch’s vast functionality provides tremendous flexibility in creating "custom" fit solutions for table-service restaurants. Years of customer input and feature development give you many options on how the system will assist in operating your business. One of the reasons POSitouch is so widely chosen as the POS solution are the many features it offers. Here is just a sampling:

  • Server or cashier banking or a combination of both.
  • Separate checks at any time in the order cycle.
  • Send items (beverages, appetizers) to be prepared while remaining in the order process.
  • Match beverages with cover counts.
  • Track voids and deletes.
  • Start an order by touching a picture of the table or entering table number.
  • Configure the layout of your touch screens, and choose the size and color of the "buttons".
  • Menus and prices by workstation, day of week and time of day.
  • Bar terminals, including super-fast bar for "cash and carry" operations.
  • Bar tab capabilities include assigning names and pre-authorizations for credit cards.
  • "Happy Hour" pricing and menu changes occur automatically.
  • Interface to video security systems to record items ordered with video.
  • Automatic printer redirection.
  • Choice of "like item" consolidation in kitchens and bars.
  • Order routing for items to appear at appropriate prep station.
  • Expediter printer or video monitor display.
  • Ability to change routing schemes during the day from any touch screen.

Integrated modules are available, including:

  • Dining Room Management - Allows you to design a restaurant layout and immediately know the status of your various tabletops at the touch of a screen.
  • Reporting Module - Offers a host of standard reports as well as the ability to produce custom reports and access third-party software.
  • Inventory Module - Provides controls for item movement to track contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold.
  • Credit Card Authorization -- An all-in-one solution for POS data and credit authorization.
  • Labor Management - Offers time and attendance for payroll as well as scheduling.
  • Customer Data Base - Can be used for house charges, customer profiling and frequent dining programs
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