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TransAction+ is used with our Retail and Restaurant Solutions and is a feature-rich payment processing engine which supports many types of payments, including credit, debit, gift/loyalty cards and checks. TransAction+ acts as a transaction broker between your point-of-sale solution and whichever payment networks you choose, and captures transaction data in a secure, encrypted format for later settlement.

Why choose TransAction+

We know there are other similar products. Consider these features that make TransAction+ stand out:

  • Supports over 20 payment networks
    Including all of the major players in the industry. We are adding support for new Payment Processors constantly.
  • Feature-rich
    We know to remain competitive we have to do more than provide fast and reliable communications to multiple networks. That's why TransAction+ offers features like split-dial and IP access to most processors, and support for host capture and store capture, as well as more specialized functions such as tips and bulk gift card activation. We support various devices from contact-less RFID readers to full function touch screen payment terminals.
  • Standards Compliant and Secure
    TransAction+ is PCI Compliant, and has completed the rigorous PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) certification. All customer data is stored encrypted, and we have added support for the latest payment processing security additions such as AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV2.
  • Highly reliable
    TransAction+ is installed in over 10,000 locations including major restaurant chains and has been on the market for over 10 years. It has a track record of reliability and that speaks more than any discussion of the underlying technology ever could. TransAction+ can detect and respond to network errors and in the even that its host environment fails, we offer a mirror service which begins intercepting transactions on another host immediately if such an event occurs.
  • Backed by a reputable company with a customer-first commitment
    Data Business Systems has been serving the restaurant and retail markets since 1977 and built TransAction+ over 10 years ago to better support our customers. We have a reputation for providing good products and services and for being knowledgable about the ever-changing payments industry.
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