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8/27/2007 American Express Broadband Interface
Our American Express Interface is now certified for Broadband and CAPN The latest release of TransAction+ includes support for CAPN Authorization and Settlement with American Express over a broadband connection. This delivers faster response times and increased reliability as well as meeting the CAPN requirements needed to avoid American Express surcharges.
8/27/2007 Contactless Support
Support for Contactless (RFID) Cards TransAction+ has been certified for many of the providers for the use of contactless or RFID cards such as PayPass.
8/27/2007 Debit and Payment Terminal Support
8/27/2007 Integration with SAP POS
TransAction+ (T+) is now available for the SAP POS. This gives SAP POS customers more choices for payment processing providers for credit, debit, check and gift and allows them to use the proven T+ payments engine with their existing solution.
8/27/2007 Integration with Shortcuts
8/27/2007 Mercury Payments Systems Support
New Dial and Broadband Interfaces add to TransAction+ for Mercury With version 7.12 released August 2007, TransAction+ has added support for Mercury Payments Systems for credit and gift card processing over both Broadband and Dial.
8/27/2007 Payment Application Best Practices Certification
1/1/2009 TransAction+ Mobile "Pay-at-the-table" Support
T+ now includes support for several different mobile payment terminals that can be used to improve security and effeciency.
7/30/2009 TransAction+ Pay at the Table Goes Live
TransAction+ Pay at the Table Goes Live The latest feature to be added to TransAction+ is an advanced pay at the table solution has now gone live. The response has been fantastic - greeted with rave reviews from both the customers and servers. Contact us to learn more...
8/27/2007 Valuetec Gift Card Interface
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