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SAP Business One Solution Brief

Intense competition and changing customer demands are making it increasingly hard to keep pace, let alone thrive in today’s market place. Traditional business automation and legacy systems can’t access the right information or adapt to change. In fact, many depend on costly, error-prone workarounds across multiple systems just to keep functioning. That’s why so many industry leaders are moving up to new levels of information and operational control by implementing SAP® Business One.

SAP POS Solution Brief

Designed for general merchandise and multiformat retailers, SAP Transactionware General Merchandise is a highly configurable point-of-sale (POS) application that includes an easy-to-use business-rules engine. In addition to POS functionality, the application includes powerful back-office functionality for store-level management and reporting.

Retail Pro Product Overview

Retail Pro® is the global leader in retail management systems. As the thought leader in specialty retail for over 20 years, Retail Pro helps retail businesses around the world run more profitably and achieve impressive returns on their technology investments.The software is an integrated system for POS and store operations, merchandising planning and analysis, and customer management / CRM. Every day more than 25,000 installations in over 70 countries rely on Retail Pro to handle their operations. Retail Pro’s world-class POS interface includes the flexibility to meet your business needs, grow as you grow, and run the business your way.

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