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Café Terminal is a Windows® point-of-sale (POS) solution that automates sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, and State Claim form preparation. It quickly processes cafeteria sales, tracks all meals and items sold, generates a variety of reports, and provides a file for automatic payroll/account deductions of charged activity.

Café Terminal is designed for districts without high speed connectivity between facilities. Data is shared through a server on the network within the facility.

  • Patron Account Access - Café Terminal uses patron accounts for flexibility in processing debit, credit, cash and credit card sales. When a patron purchases a standard meal, Café Terminal automatically prices the meal according to the patron's meal pricing eligibility. The procedure is performed in a manner that ensures eligibility confidentiality.
  • Photo ID Cards - CaféTerminal software produces low-cost, high quality, barcoded, photo ID cards that can be issued to patrons and used to access accounts for processing transactions. However, cards are not required to operate the system.
  • Fraud Prevention - During a sales transaction, the patron's name and picture appear on the screen following the entry of his or her account number. This feature prevents fraudulent use of patron accounts.
  • Flexible Reports – Café Terminal easily generates sales activity reports that include income received, items sold, and other accounting data. Café Terminal generates various patron account and à la carte item reports to help you monitor accounts and track items sold. These reports include sales activity and sales journal; patron lists; item lists; and patron participation.
  • Account Status Letters - Café Terminal automatically generates letters, which can be printed or sent via email, for patrons whose account balances fall within certain limits that you specify. This feature includes editing capability that lets you compose a letter that meets your needs.

Other key features include:

  • Automatic generation of monthly count and cash receipts forms.
  • Meal status confidentiality, which leads to increased participation and can result in increased government reimbursement.
  • Fast moving lines, since parents can prepay for the students meals at the CaféPrepay website.
  • Assistance in compliance with Dietary Guidelines for America.
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