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The Flexible, Cost-Effective School POS Solution for School Districts
with High-Speed Connectivity

Café Enterprise is a server-based, Windows® point-of-sale (POS) solution designed to automate sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, and State Claim form preparation. It is intended for school districts with have fiber optic connectivity between facilities, allowing data to be shared throughout the district.

Café Enterprise processes your cafeteria sales quickly, tracks all meals and items sold, generates a variety of reports, and provides a file for automatic payroll/account deductions of charged activity. Benefits include:

  • Supports SIF (Schools Inter-operability Framework) – Café Enterprise conforms to the SIF Implementation Specification, making it possible for local schools or districts to share data from different vendor applications without any additional programming.
  • Conforms with Family Meal Applications – Café Terminal meets state requirements to implement a family meal application rather than individual applications, allowing the school district to reduce paperwork.
  • Increases Prepayment – Café Terminal allows prepaid meal participants to put money on account at the register and use it later in the week. Parents may also use credit cards over the Internet to add prepaid funds – increasing participation and eliminating bounced checks.
  • Flexible Sales Reporting - Multi-facility/district-wide report options are included. Users may create facility groups, and print or view combined reports. Reports can also be generated for single facilities.
  • Easy to Use - Café Enterprise has customizable sales screens and keyboards, with “one-touch" access keys for frequently sold items.

Additional benefits include:

  • Significantly less time spent in processing sales, storing and retrieving accounting data, and completing reports.
  • Convenient accounts eliminate the need to send money to school with children each day.
  • Free enrollment for the district at This is a free service to schools, which provides parents with additional payment options, such as paying for school fees with their credit card or setting up Direct Withdrawal payments using their bank accounts.
  • Accurate documentation of patron account activity.
  • Automatic generation of monthly count and cash receipts forms.
  • Meal status confidentiality, which leads to increased participation and can result in increased government reimbursement.
  • Faster cafeteria lines, since parents can prepay for the students meals at the Café Prepay website.
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