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Manage Multiple Points of Sale From One Location

Café Central software is designed to manage an organization's multiple Point-Of-Sale (POS) sites from a central location. With Café Terminal systems at sales sites, Café Central provides the ability to call sales sites for data retrieval periodically and to maintain the Café Terminal databases.

Café Terminal at each sales site generates daily Sales Activity Reports. When a site is polled by Café Central, the reports are retrieved and stored on the Café Central computer for later printing and/or viewing. These same reports are also used to generate State Claim forms.

Types of communication include

  • Windows Dial-up
  • Windows Networking
  • pcAnywhere via modem (DOS and Windows)
  • pcAnywhere Networking

Cafe Central features

  • Poll sales reports from point-of-sale computers
  • Poll state forms from point-of-sale computers
  • Send files to point-of-sale computers
  • Move students from one school to another
  • Control point-of-sale computer from Café Central
  • Combine sales reports for any combination of schools for any date range
  • Print school sales reports
  • Print school state forms
  • Restore point-of-sale databases at a school which has lost its data
  • Maintain perpetual pin numbers for children throughout the school district
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